What you need to know about Piston Seals

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Piston sealing is critical to proper cylinder function.  Piston seals keep fluid from bypassing the piston which would otherwise reduce the pressure differential across the piston and in turn reduce the available force for the cylinder to perform work.

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Single or Double Rod End Cylinder

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One of the very basic elements in designing a cylinder to meet the needs of a machine is the determination of whether or not the cylinder should be a single or double rod cylinder.  Each type has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages, and is an important early step in the cylinder design.

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Cylinder Bore Sizing

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A critical decision to make when designing a cylinder is the size of the bore. The bore is the inner diameter of the cylinder tube, which can also be known as the barrel. The bore size, along with the known operating pressure of the cylinder determines the force output of the cylinder. Many hydraulic systems are designed to run at 3000 psi hydraulic pressure, while most pneumatic systems are designed to run at roughly 100 psi.

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Cylinder Basics 101

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Let's take it back to the Basics! Like... what is a Cylinder??? What do all these words mean?! How do I know what to order?? Let me help you with some specifics to cylinders and to our Sheffer line!

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"Help Me, Help You"

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How Hot is too Hot for your Cylinder Application??

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There are many applications where cylinders are exposed to extreme heat due to environmental conditions. Whether your cylinder is near a bakery oven or hanging above a crucible of molten metal knowing which options are available to handle the heat becomes top priority.

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When Pressure Gets To Be Too Much

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Pneumatics: Ideal for the Sawmill Industry

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   Keeping up with production demands is a proven challenge in the lumber industry. To stay competitive, operations demand higher performance and lower cost for automated equipment. Lumber processing end-users want solutions to the problems encountered in the rough environment of the mills where temperatures fluctuate, dust produced from the processes damages your equipment, and grate machinery.

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Turning Problems Into Opportunities

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We all know the name Steve Jobs very well. Jobs was fired from his own company in 1985. Jobs easily could have felt sorry for himself, felt defeated, and played victim after being fired. He chose otherwise. After he was fired, he saw the problem or crisis and took authority over the situation, seeing opportunity where others doubted. He went on to start a small animation company and turned it into the giant that is now Pixar. Once The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar out in 2006, Steve Jobs became the largest shareholder in Disney. Point being unwanted change happens; look beyond it and embrace the discomfort it brings. Every Problem presents an Opportunity.

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

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