Cylinder Bore Sizing

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A critical decision to make when designing a cylinder is the size of the bore. The bore is the inner diameter of the cylinder tube, which can also be known as the barrel. The bore size, along with the known operating pressure of the cylinder determines the force output of the cylinder. Many hydraulic systems are designed to run at 3000 psi hydraulic pressure, while most pneumatic systems are designed to run at roughly 100 psi.

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"Help Me, Help You"

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How Hot is too Hot for your Cylinder Application??

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There are many applications where cylinders are exposed to extreme heat due to environmental conditions. Whether your cylinder is near a bakery oven or hanging above a crucible of molten metal knowing which options are available to handle the heat becomes top priority.

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

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Mayberry Vs. New York City

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Today's post is written by Randy Logsdon, COO and Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the Sheffer Corporation. Randy is a husband, father, son and a life long fan of THE Ohio State Buckeyes. Tweets @rlogsdon19.

I remember the very first time I visited New York City. I vividly recall the sights, the sounds, the lights, the people, and yes even the distinctive smells.   The first day in the city was incredible. The promise of new adventure, the excitement of new experiences and the feeling that I had knowing I was now standing in one of the most recognizable cities in the entire world. It gave me a sense of importance and pride to be standing in New York City. 

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