Our New Captivated Cushion Design Will Rock Your World, Here's Why:

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ID-10072391You know that moment when you realize the solution you've been looking for all along is staring you straight in the face? That moment when you realize the answer to all the complications, anomalies and variables you've been dealing with is something so simple... yet so significant.

Well, that's really how we'd sum up the introduction of our new cushion adjusting screw design -- the cushion captivator. At face value, it may seem simple. But really it's what it means for your bottom dollar -- heck, even how you feel at the end of the day -- that makes it so powerful.

In a nutshell, the new cushion captivator design is less prone to leakage than other designs -- including our competitors' -- allows for better control of surface finish, prevents o-ring damage during reinsertion, and is easier to adjust in inconvenient or poorly lit areas.

Okay, okay. But we said it would rock your world didn't we? Well here you go:

Don't mess, with the best

The outer sealing insures no leakage with an o-ring, making it a tamperproof installation design. Easy adjust-ability means that you don't need an experienced operator/maintenance technician to adjust when adjustment is needed. Because of the fact that the adjuster is fully captivated one can adjust it from fully closed to fully opened without the potential to have the adjuster become completely removed. Adjusting the captivator all the way in gives you the maximum cushioning effect, while the fully open and bottomed out in the retracted position gives you maximum flow for a reduced cushioning effect.

Performs well under pressure

The adjusting screw sealing is fully sealed with an o-ring and back-up washer when needed for higher pressures. The cushion adjusting screw is always captivated insuring improved sealing capability. In addition, due to the way the captivator is manufactured this gives us better control of surface finish to again, insure better sealing.

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