Mayberry Vs. New York City

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Today's post is written by Randy Logsdon, COO and Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the Sheffer Corporation. Randy is a husband, father, son and a life long fan of THE Ohio State Buckeyes. Tweets @rlogsdon19.

I remember the very first time I visited New York City. I vividly recall the sights, the sounds, the lights, the people, and yes even the distinctive smells.   The first day in the city was incredible. The promise of new adventure, the excitement of new experiences and the feeling that I had knowing I was now standing in one of the most recognizable cities in the entire world. It gave me a sense of importance and pride to be standing in New York City. 

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Enhancing N.F.P.A. Fixed Non-Centerline Cylinder Mounts

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                  As mentioned in an earlier article, one of the three N.F.P.A. cylinder mounting classes is fixed non-centerline mounts. These mounts include side lug (MS2), end lug (MS7), side flush (MS4), and foot bracket (MS1). In applications where a fixed non-centerline mount is required, Sheffer strongly recommends employing a thrust key plate or dowel pinning the cylinder depending upon the specific mount. This is done to minimize shear loads on the mounting bolts as well as providing a means of cylinder alignment.

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Seek Help Choosing Fluid Power Cylinder Seals and Materials

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In 1962, E.F. Houghton Co. published A Handbook On Hydraulic and Pneumatic Packings for the fluid power industry. In the opening chapter there is an illustration of a “typical animal hide” which depicted the best parts of the hide that could be fabricated into leather “U” cups, “V” rings, and gaskets to seal fluid power cylinders.

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Things You Never Knew Halloween Could Teach You About Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance

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It is Halloween night and the goblins are out begging for candy, I hear the door bell and head towards the door to see what is going to be greeting me this time.  After they leave I check my display outside where I have fake blood pumping down a fake corpse lying in a coffin.  The pump spatters a little because some of the fake blood evaporated. As I am adding more 'blood' to my pump I start thinking about work and how a hydraulic cylinder will act if not properly set up...

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What Spaghetti Noodles Can Teach Us About Cylinder Design

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Cylinder Mounting & Column Loading

“I need 100,000 pounds of force on a 120” stroke with a 2” diameter piston rod and clevis mount.” A click and then there is no one on the other end of the phone. 

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Things You Never Knew Cylinders Could Teach You About Star Wars (or Maybe Just the "Force")

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Cylinders convert a fluid pressure into a mechanical force.  The input fluid pressure acts on the surface area of the cylinders piston displacing it to create a linear movement of the piston rod.

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How To Avoid Cylinder Side Loading: 4 Ways to Compensate for Less Than Proper Cylinder Alignment

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When installed with proper alignment, fluid power cylinders will provide the smooth trouble free performance for which they were intended.  Unfortunately, perfect alignment is extremely difficult, if not next to impossible to achieve. During cylinder operation, any misalignment can impose an eccentric force on the piston rod known as “side loading”.

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Just How Fast Can You Get a Cylinder to Move?

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Well, if that isn't a loaded question. Over the years more people than you would expect have proposed this puzzle and while there may be no single answer to this complex query, there are many variables to consider in attempting to answer it -- so let's start there.

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Checks and a Flood: Issues With a New Installation Cylinder

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You know that sinking feeling when you take the first bite of a much needed lunch, the phone rings and you answer to hear the words "We have a problem; it’s a new installation and the tube seals have blown!" With thoughts of catching a snack later in the day, you attend the scene of the crime...

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4 Things to Consider When Forced with Long Term Storage of Cylinders Outdoors

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Any piece of equipment operates best when it is used regularly within normal guidelines.

Take for example a classic car; it ran perfectly when you put it away last fall, but something happened during the long winter.

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